Daily life at Flaxley House

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So what happens at Flaxley House?

A typical weekday would start with a resident-lead group session where peer support is key. 

This is followed by a trip to the pharmacy for those on scripts, and personal admin time for the others.

It provides an ideal time to put your laundry in or clean your room, write a letter to your loved ones or sit in the garden. The staff then lead a short devotional time. After that there may be another group session or a work party before all having lunch together. The afternoons could be spent in key-working or practical workshops, or it could be that you have the opportunity for a town visit, or all go out for a walk in the countryside.

Usually the evening is free for you to watch TV, listen to music, or whatever helps you relax and process what you have learnt that day.  Loved ones may phone you in the office after your evening meal.

The course content will be presented in a mix of group sessions and workshops. It will address various issues facing women leaving addiction and its associated abuse as well as looking forward to a life of freedom.  Occasionally guest speakers may come and provide inspiration and encouragement whilst speaking about their work.

Core teaching includes sessions related to substance abuse, domestic violence, managing stress, motivation, health matters, confidence, vision for the future, and self-acceptance.

Workshops tend to be practical and cover life skills including budgeting, healthy eating & healthy body, and cooking.

The weekly timetable factors in visits from loved ones, Sunday Church, and downtime for personal reflection.

Womens Centre
Susan McStay

Introducing Susan McStay

Susan McStay has worked for, trained with and helped develop the charity from January 2019 for the exclusive purpose of womens rehabilitation.

Susan has developed relationships with other womens centres and new donors to aid in establishing this fine addition to the charities vision. Prior to working for The Carpenters Arms Susan worked as a nurse in a variety of roles over the past 25 years.

Most recently she managed a Care Home in the private sector. She is a wife and mother, and grandmother. Susan has been a Christian since her mid-twenties and is passionate about seeing God restore lives

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