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A Letter from Romania

Danny from Romania gives us a little insight into his work.

Dear Friends,

My Name is Danny Ispas from Carnad West of Romania together with my father we are running a Christian Charity and my dad as well is looking after 4 churches around the area.

What we discovered over the years is that people need someone to care for them and their needs, they need God, and so instead forcing a religion or a church on people we started building bridges which enable us to care and love them, but as well introduce them to God, offering them to have a personal relationship with the Savior Jesus Christ. But one of the biggest lessons we learn is that we can’t do it by ourselves and that we are only part of Christ body which is bigger than us.

Over the years we built different projects like toilets in the local school, helping 13 schools over the years with educational supplies, building a gym for the local youth, giving the basics of food to 36 families every month, a farm, and many others.

Now we are faced with another challenge which we would like to share with you. In the next village next to us there is a school with a kindergarten which holds just over 40 children starting with the age of 4 – 10. The school doesn’t have proper toilets; their toilets consist of a hole in the ground in a wooden box and a wooden seat. This is very dangerous certainly for that age group but as well imagine – 20 degrees in the winter a 4 year old child having to go about 30 meters through snow which could be half a meter deep and sit on the toilet in – 20. Because the toilets are so far from the school building it means the teacher would have to go with them, which leaves the other children on their own. In the summer it is not fun and certainly not hygienic for a child to go in +40 to go and sit over a hole full with bacteria and microbes.

Can we make the difference for these children? We have already talked to the mayor and he agreed to partner with us. The toilets with cost around 10.000 pounds as it will be built from scratch. But it will make the whole difference for the children it will be safer, more hygienic. It would be another major bridge between God and the people; it will be an opportunity for them to see that God loves them and that He cares for them.

As a conclusion we would like to invite you to be partners with us in making the difference for our community. We would be accountable and transparent in every step of this project. You would have access at any time to all the information and resources of the project.

As I know you would take this in consideration I would like to thank you in advance for this and we do pray for you and your ministry in UK and other parts of the world.

Yours in Christ

Danny and Pastor Daniel Ispas 


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