House Rules

The Carpenters Arms

The Carpenters Arms Rules

The Carpenter’s Arms respects the rights of all residents and has developed these house rules to enable you to live together in harmony and mutual respect.

However, failure to abide by them may result in an infringement chit being issued.

Leave/visit applications
In order to organise visits in and out, an application must be made to the staff. This application must be received at least 5 days before the proposed visit, preferably for the Monday morning staff meeting.


  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your visitors are aware of any “rules” that may apply and sign the visitors checklist with staff.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that all money and gifts are handed directly to the duty staff member by your guests.
  • Female guests and children are not allowed to go upstairs unless they are accompanied by yourself and a staff member.

Phone Calls
Residents can start to receive telephone calls once they have been at The Carpenter’s Arms for two weeks. There is a phone log to show who you have dialled.

Church attendance
It is important for all residents to experience Church for themselves. We believe that the Church offers a unique opportunity for residents to enjoy support and care both during and after the programme.

  • All residents on the programme will be required to attend Church at least once each week.
  • Behaviour, dress and attitude in Church should be of a high standard out of respect for the other people attending.

Sick Procedure
Occasionally residents may be sick and unable to work normally, and it is important that we have a procedure that protects them and everybody else in the community. However some may choose to “go sick and hide” in their rooms rather than face difficult issues. This procedure is intended to discourage those who are not really sick and at the same time to look after those who are.

  • He will stay in his room until the next day’s wake up time.
  • If a resident is sick for more than 24 hours he would then be expected to go to the Doctor’s surgery.


  • All prescribed medication, except creams or any other medication specifically agreed by the manager, will be kept in the office in a locked cabinet.
  • All tablets and medicine must be consumed in front of the staff member issuing them, with the exception of creams and lotions.

Smoking is an addictive substance and as such is not allowed on the programme. We allow nicotine patches for the first three weeks of the programme on a supervised reduction from the doctor.

Personal Hygiene
Residents are expected to shower and brush their teeth at least once a day. Hair needs to be kept neat.

Drug & Alcohol Tests
There will be an initial drug and alcohol test when a resident enters the programme. Thereafter tests will be done on a random basis.

All the resident’s belongings will be searched upon their arrival before transference to their allocated room. Clothes may be washed upon arrival depending on their cleanliness.

There should be a clear understanding that residents who are in the programme that are caught with Alcohol, Illegal Drugs or tobacco in their possession or testing positive for alcohol or illegal drugs will be expelled from the programme immediately.
Kitchen and Meal times

  • Meals aren’t allowed upstairs except on the occasion when a resident is sick.
  • Meals aren’t allowed to be eaten in the lounge area except with the permission of a staff member.


  • Residents should keep their rooms neat and tidy. There will be random inspections through the week at any time during the day.
  • Shelves neat and tidy.
  • All clothes must be put away. They should be folded or hung tidily out of sight.
  • Floors vacuumed and rooms dusted if necessary.
  • Dirty laundry may be kept in a linen basket.
  • Sinks clean. Please note shaving is to be done in bedrooms rather than the toilet basins and showers.

You will have one scheduled day a week to do your laundry. Please do not leave it in for longer than two hours. Do not touch laundry that does not belong to you. Do not leave laundry in the machines if you are going out for the day or weekend

Work parties
All residents are to participate in these unless sick or confined to their room. Residents will be given work to do. Once completed, they should return to the supervising staff member who will check that all the work has completed in a satisfactory manner.

Personal Radios, mobile phones and laptops (unless proven for educational purposes only)
Residents are not allowed to keep any of the above at The Carpenter’s. Residents who bring any of the above to The Carpenter’s Arms will need to hand them in before they commence the programme.


  • No films with an 18 rating allowed
  • No programmes with gratuitous sex, drug abuse or gratuitous violence should be viewed
  • No soaps
  • Viewing times and content is at staff discretion


  • Please see rules on the PC cupboard door

Pool Table
The pool table in the communal area should only be used when it doesn’t clash with any official duties or classes. Please bear in mind that others might want to use it as well. No food or drink is to be placed on the pool table.

Outside Doors

  • Do not open an outside door for anyone.
  • Do not go outside the property on your own.

These are disciplinary offences and could result in you being asked to leave the programme.

General Rules

  • Residents will not be allowed to drive any of the Charity’s vehicles unless they have written permission from the Manager.
  • Residents are expected to arrive at meetings clean and tidy.
  • The minimum dress code in the centre at all times (except sleeping times) is shorts, sleeveless T-Shirt and footwear.
  • Residents must not have any contact with ex-residents who have been evicted or left before completing the programme, without written permission from the manager.
  • All monies belonging to residents must be kept in a locked container in the office
  • You must co-operate with any reasonable staff request.
  • Residents may not sleep around the house at any time.
  • Residents must not be in other residents rooms at any time without permission from the staff.

Fire Alarm

  • If the fire alarm is sounded, everyone must evacuate the building immediately by the shortest route and meet at the Assembly Point.
  • Each person should wait at the Assembly Point for his name to be called out by the Staff Member and follow any instructions given him.
  • No one will return to the building until the Staff Member confirms that it is all right to do so.
  • Everyone is responsible for reading and adhering strictly to the Fire Notices put up around the centre.
  • Fire alarm tests are carried out weekly and full fire drills monthly.
House Rules

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