Move-On Houses

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Move-on Houses

Once a person has finished Phase 1 and Phase 2 of our programme there is a real need for them to be able to move on to a regular household.  We now have four of them

We wanted to give the men somewhere they could be proud to live in and have a real homely feel to it.  As our programme grew we eventually ended up with four of these houses.  Each house has five bedrooms with a live-in staff member. The houses are of a good standard in a good neighbourhood, one of them even has two en-suites!  It is here that the men in Phase 3 can live more independently controlling their own finance, being employed part-time, studying and getting ready to go back to full independent living.  


What they feel about their new home…

Stewart says…
“I love it in there.  It is nice to be surrounded by my brothers who are doing the same things that I am doing and have the same focus.  it is great to feel supported.   The house is lovely in a great area and couldn't ask for a better place to live.  There is always a staff member to hand if you need anything as well. ”
Ben says…
“ The accommodation is fantastic, not like student accommodation, clean, safe and all mod cons.  By the time you get to Phase 3 you get the time and the space to re-integrate at a pace that suits you.  It is also helpful to figure out where you want to go in life.  The support is as much as you want.  You have a house dad to chat to at the end of the day and if need be you can also call the Phase 3 manager or your previous key worker.  It has been a massive help for me".

Move On Houses

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