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The Carpenter’s Arms operates a system of infringement notices.

If you break a rule which is not considered to be serious, you will be issued with an infringement notice.

Infringement guidelines
An infringement notice (you sometimes hear it called a “chit”) is a written warning and possibly includes a discipline awarded by staff for breaking rules or for bad behaviour.

The following list contains some examples, though not limited to this list, of infringements:

  • Late for appointment / meeting / work party / meal times etc. by 5 minutes or more.
  • Not completing your chore for the day e.g. washing up or cleaning your toilet.
  • Untidy room. This could be bedding without sheets or covers, mess on the floor, messy sink, clothes not tidied away, dirty clothes not in your wash basket.
  • Swearing or inappropriate language and jokes.
  • Any other rules e.g. computer and TV usage or house rules.
  • Inappropriate response to a reasonable request.

Penalties may commence with:

  • An extra washing up or toilet cleaning duty
  • A nights ban on the computer or hot tub

Penalties will escalate with each additional infringement notice

In the first month, if a resident accumulates 8 infringement notices over a two week period his position on the programme will be reviewed.

After the first month, should the resident accumulate 4 infringements over a two week period his position on the programme will be reviewed.

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