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An introduction to the Men and Women behind the Carpenters Arms Charity.

Join date: August 2008

Bryan and Judith founded the charity with years of experience working with those in addiction, combined with years in ministry and charity work establish and running various project in a range of countries. Bryan and Judith can often be seen hands on in group sessions and meetings, making sure to keep in touch with every aspect of the programme in all locations. Most importantly Bryan and Judith direct the charities vision and manage the managers.

Bryan is a regular volunteer with the blood bikes and loves getting on his high-vis bike to deliver blood to hospitals. Judith maintains her interests in other charities but takes time every week to horse ride.

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Richard Spence, Head Office Manager
Join date: August 2008

Richard has worked in all departments through his time at the charity and now manages the Head Office team which coordinates charity policy, HR, accounts, health and safety and projects. Richard is usually between his office or a project site, most recently the work undertaken at Six Hills. Richards main role is the continued development of the charity, through policy or projects.

Richards life outside of work is ever busy, with a young family and a football team to keep his time occupied, it’s no surprise his home renovation is taking so long.

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David Ellis, Pastoral Manager
Join date: September 2016

David arrived with the perfect previous experience for this role. Since arriving David has developed this post no end and manages the pastoral team, looking after all the residents group and individual sessions, as well as breaking new ground with residents families too.

David keeps himself involved heavily with his local church and rumour has it there’s a marathon in the training.

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Elliot Mancini, Phase 1 Manager
Join date: July 2015

Elliot has worked closely with all departments, and more recently became Phase 1 manager after a successful stint as Phase 3 manager. Working at both ends of the programme has its advantages and bringing the experience of helping residents finish the programme has given Elliot more tools to help them start the programme properly.

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Richard Cowlishaw, Phase 2 Manager
Join date: April 2014

Richard Cowlishaw manages Phase 2, a task that recently more than doubled in size. Working with his team, the day to day runs smoothly and well organised, but more recently Richard has continued developing this position as well as Phase 2. Whilst he’s known for keeping an eye on the bigger picture and long term residents, one of his highlights at work is hitting home the goals in the charity wide football match every week

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George Lovie, Phase 3 Manager
Join date: February 2016

Although George was only recently appointed Phase 3 manager, he is already elbow deep developing both the role we play in the successful move on of residents and also the role they take in finding work and education. George comes with a wealth of experience from his time as assistant manager on Phase 2 where he saw residents grow and respond to the programme.

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