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An introduction to the Men and Women behind the Carpenters Arms Charity.

Executive Directors
Join date: August 2008

Bryan and Judith Spence founded the charity with years of experience working with those in addiction. This combined with years in ministry and charity work establishing training programmes and projects in a range of countries. Bryan and Judith give input across all three Phases as well to the staff.

Bryan is a volunteer with Blood Bikes and loves helping facilitate this service. His hobbies include Motorcycling and Scuba Diving.

Judith maintains her interest in other charities and enjoys Horse-riding once a week


Richard Spence, Director
Join date: August 2008

Richard has worked in all departments through his time at the charity and now manages the Head Office team which coordinates charity policy, HR, accounts, health and safety and projects. Richard is usually between his office or a project site, most recently the work undertaken at Six Hills. Richards main role is the continued development of the charity, through policy or projects.

Richard’s life outside of work is every busy with a growing family and football team to keep him occupied.


Richard Spence


Scott Hooper, Phase 3 Manager
Join date: January 2017

Scott has completed the programme as a resident and uses his vast knowledge of addiction to help encourage and support residents on Phase 3. He has a passion and drive to see residents move forward and rebuild their lives.

In his spare time he enjoys mountain biking and spending time with his family.



Elliot Mancini, Phase 1 Manager
Join date: July 2015

Elliot has worked in all three Phases. This enables him to help new residents start the programme properly. He also oversees all the referrals and has an Assistant Manager in each of the Phase 1 centres.


Elliot Mancini

George Lovie, Phase 2 Manager
Join date: February 2016

George has worked in all three Phases of the programme and now oversees the Phase 2 staff running the bustling 29 bed centre at Six Hills. He has two Assistant Managers who supervise the day-to-day work of the Pastoral and Support workers.




Susan McStay, Womens Centre Manager
Join date: January 2019

Susan McStay has worked for, trained with and helped develop the charity from January 2019 for the exclusive purpose of womens rehabilitation.

Susan has developed relationships with other womens centres and new donors to aid in establishing this fine addition to the charities vision. Prior to working for The Carpenters Arms Susan worked as a nurse in a variety of roles over the past 25 years.

Most recently she managed a Care Home in the private sector. She is a wife and mother, and grandmother. Susan has been a Christian since her mid-twenties and is passionate about seeing God restore lives.


Susan McStay

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