Our Philosophy

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The Carpenters Arms Philosophy

The atmosphere at The Carpenter’s Arms is what strikes people the most when they arrive.  It is often described as “family” or “warm” or “very welcoming”.

We believe that recovery is best done in such an atmosphere where encouragement and good relationships do much of the work.

We believe that addiction is due to root causes and these need to be identified and addressed within a balanced healthy environment.

We endeavour to do this through group and individual sessions whilst demonstrating that a healthy enjoyable lifestyle doesn’t need artificial stimulants.

Substance abuse is viewed as a disorder of the whole person, affecting some, or all, areas of functioning. These may include behaviour problems, confused values, deficits in educational or occupational skills, moral or spiritual problems, relationship problems, attitude problems, work problems and/or family difficulties.

The following principles guide this treatment philosophy:

  • Every participant, regardless of their circumstances, degree or type of addiction and/or extent of their emotional disturbance, is considered to be a person of worth and value.
  • Your time with us is voluntary. You cannot be forced to learn or grow with us – it is your choice.
  • Change comes as a result of action. It is important that you become an active participant in the programme.
Our Philosophy

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