Phase One

The Carpenters Arms

Phase One

Phase 1 is all about getting you mentally and physically ready for Phase 2, into a place to receive the help Phase 2 can offer.

From the moment you arrive you won’t be able to take drugs, alcohol or smoke cigarettes. By the time you move into Phase 2 you should be free from all physical withdrawal symptoms.

The daily programme is a mixture of meetings, individual sessions and life skills coaching. With staff available 24 hours a day we strive to make this period as valuable to your recovery as possible.

We really encourage family and friends to visit, usually from the second week forward, to help you set up a positive support network for you.

From the moment you walk in we hope you catch the family feel that has built up in the programme. From the privacy of your bedroom, the family feel in the communal spaces or you use of the hot tub, we want your introduction to recovery to be just what you need.

This Phase lasts between 2 and 12 weeks, depending on your progress and we also provide the option to attend our Phase 2 programme. This programme sees residents through an extended period of support, addressing the behavioural aspects to an addiction based lifestyle including relationships, looking after your emotional and physical health etc.


Phase One Testimonial

My experience of Phase 1 in the Carpenters Arms is a memorable one. The staff were very considerate and courteous. I learned a lot from the teachings and the worship sessions that the programme had to offer. This helped shape and direct my recovery.

Stuart Angus

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Our dedication to those to commit to our rehabilitation program is complete.


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Find out how joining the Carpenters Arms rehabilitation program has had a massive effect on the lives of those who have joined in and their friends and family too.

The Carpenters Arms

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The dedication our team and our success in rehabilitating many people has helped us achieve significant goals and win awards for the Carpenter’s Arms charity.

The Carpenters Arms

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If you are interested in applying to become a resident at the Carpenter’s Arms, or know someone who is please read our how to apply page for more information.

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