Phase One

The Carpenters Arms

Phase One

Phase 1 is all about getting you mentally physically ready for Phase 2.

Whilst we do not provide or supervise detox process we provide the wrap-around support many find essential to completing this process.

  • Opiates: The agency currently providing you with a script will liaise with our local agency to discuss your reduction needs.
  • Alcohol: After your telephone interview the Phase 1 Manager will contact you to discuss your options, e.g. Admission to our programme to coincide with the completion of medical detox elsewhere.
  • Cigarettes: We provide patches for a three-week reduction plan. We do not permit vapes, nicotine gum or any other nicotine product.
  • Other substances: This should be discussed with the Phase 1 Manager.

Daily Programme
This may vary slightly from site to site, please speak to a member of staff if you want more details

This is a mixture of group meetings, one-on-one sessions and life-skills. Saturdays are a day to relax and Sundays we go to a Church. In the late afternoons and evenings there is chance to relax in the Hot-Tub, play pool, table tennis, use the outdoor exercise equipment or relax. Once a week you will meet up with Phase 2 residents for a game of football.

Staff are on duty 24 hours a day to make this period provide a solid foundation for your future.

From the end of your second week family and friends can speak to you on the phone and visits can be arranged for Saturday or Sunday afternoons.

This Phase is a minimum of two weeks long depending on your reduction, your emotional stability and availability of bed spaces available in Phase 2

From the moment you walk in we hope that you catch the family feel that is integral to the programme. We want your introduction to recovery to be just what you need.

Phase One

Phase One Testimonial

My experience of Phase 1 in the Carpenters Arms is a memorable one. The staff were very considerate and courteous. I learned a lot from the teachings and the worship sessions that the programme had to offer. This helped shape and direct my recovery.

Stuart Angus

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If you are interested in applying to become a resident at the Carpenter’s Arms, or know someone who is please read our how to apply page for more information.

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