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One story from an ex-resident - Brett
Before arriving at the Carpenters I had battled with a heroin addiction for a number of years also crack then getting off them turning to drink with the mentality of its only drink how wrong was I. It nearly killed me i had pancreatitus 3 times and was told if I didn’t stop I would die, scary stuff, enough was enough. The best way to describe myself was Lost! My confidence well there was none, no self worth or respect for myself or others and just couldn't really talk to anyone unless it was a doctor, I was good at that ha ha!

My motivation for going to The Carpenter’s Arms was my kids my mum and little sis as they were the only people that talked to me it was a last chance for me otherwise I would probably lost them too. Whilst at the Carps you have to set targets and realistic goals and believe your going to hit them, also i found keeping a diary really good as it was a release for me as you have good and bad days in the Carps trust me I know I was there a year but by doing this you learn new ways of dealing with things, coping strategies, its also good for future reference because you can look back on days and see how you dealt with a challenging situation. Music and gym was also a massive thing for me its important to like yourself and by going gym this happens as you see your body changing and you turn into a stunning fella or wait maybe that just happened to me ha ha

What things did you put in place before you moved on to help ensure it was successful?
Preparation is everything so not rushing is very important I’ve always acted on impulse and it always led back to addiction. my main things was to have structure and steady foundations by this I mean I had my college course I was working 3 nights a week as a youth worker also the company you keep is very important I often would remove myself from a situation before it had even take place, I’m probably making all this stuff sound real easy but trust me its not but my favourite saying from the Carps was Perseverance and Patience prevails.

Could you tell us what you're doing now and how things have changed (relationships with family etc.)?
I am now a qualified youth worker with my driving license lots of other courses done. I have now moved back to R….. I’m speaking to my family and enjoying being a Dad substance free I have girl friend that I have been with a while now and have just got a new job helping others which I love most, I take my boy football every Saturday and my daughter dancing I’m also playing myself now too, Remember lads stay positive I know its tough with the God stuff at first but you will see the change within yourselves in time for if He is with you who can be against you. If you want something bad enough you will do what ever it takes to get it that's what I did so believe in yourselves and go for it the staff are great well some of them na not really, they do whatever they can to help and I thank them all for my achievements and success


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