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Loughborough's Residential Centre For Men

The Carpenter’s Arms is a Christian run 12 room residential centre for men challenged by drug and alcohol addiction, which often results in a breakdown in relationships, homelessness, financial hardship, illness and offending. The Carpenter’s Arms is situated in Loughborough in Leicestershire and is the only one of its kind in the town.

The Carpenters Arms is a Christian abstinence based residential programme for men aged 18-65 and challenged with homelessness due to an addictive lifestyle.

We have three phases to the programme and each phase has its own location:

  • Phase 1: Admission, carried out in the 12 bed Loughborough centre and 6 bed Kegworth centre
  • Phase 2: The main programme, carried out in the 29 bed Six Hills centre
  • Phase 3: Move on, carried out in multiple 5 bed houses across Charnwood and North West Leicestershire

The vision for the Trust is to see broken lives made new through Christ, and the Trust is overtly Christian. We have come to see that Christian principles are intrinsic to recovery from addiction. Whilst no applicants or residents need to be Christian, there is a requirement to respect the Christian ethos.

All the staff are committed to helping you find recovery from addiction. We wish we could do it for you, but we will do everything we can to help you achieve your own personal recovery.

The Carpenters Arms

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The Christian Residential Centre For Men

We aim to maintain a friendly family atmosphere through it all and extend God’s love to all who come through our doors.

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Find out how joining the Carpenters Arms program has had a massive effect on the lives of those who have joined in and their friends and family too.

The Carpenters Arms

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The Carpenters Arms

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If you are interested in applying to become a resident at the Carpenter’s Arms, or know someone who is please read our how to apply page for more information.

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